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      Xingda participates in the 9th China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition


      At the 9th China (Guanrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition held in May 2018, Xingda attended the exhibition with its novel showroom design and innovative products .

      The theme of the exhibition was “Intelligent Manufacturing and Green Development”. The exhibition featured high-end technologies and products such as tires, wheels, auto parts, and manufacturing technology. The exhibition area reached 43,000 square meters, attracting more than 690 well-known companies from home and abroad.

      The rapid growth of Xingda pays attention to every important brand communication and communication opportunity. Regardless of when, where and how they appear, they present the quality of XINGDA in the form of a “wonderful heart” and a “different” product display. In this exhibition, there is an elite marketing team of Xingda, including Wenbo, the director of domestic market, Liu Yingjun, the Director of Technical Services, and Yang Rui, the Director of Marketing Department. Meanwhile,the leaders of Shandong Xingda factory manager Hang Weiming and party branch secretary Korea Macro also supplied a lot of support in the exhibition.

      In this exhibition, Xingda displayed steel wire products which represent the technical level of the industry, attracted many customers from home and abroad and become the “popular stars” at the show. Xingda showed the company's strong comprehensive competitiveness, and also popularized the knowledge of steel wire frame materials for visitors, allowing more markets and customers to understand the industry position and value of Xingda in the field of global rubber frame materials.

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