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      guiding ideology

      ? strict compliance with national environmental laws, regulations and standards
      ? Raise staff awareness and ability of energy conservation and environmental protection, and promote full participation in energy conservation and environmental protection
      ? Strict implementation of internal control standards to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact in production
      ? Energy-saving and environmental protection of various production units to improve the overall level of energy conservation and environmental protection
      ? Reduce harmful emissions and environmental impacts, re-use waste, and increase resource conversion
      ? Continue to improve the quality of the community's environment and contribute to the community Environmental

      management system certification

      In April 2003, the ISO14001: 1996 environmental management system certification was obtained
      ? In June 2007, the ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification was obtained

      Environmental protection measures

      ? To implement the principle of environmental protection "three simultaneous" policies and "who pollution, who governs" to ensure the harmonious development of enterprise development and environmental protection, and actively promote ISO14000 environmental management system.
      ? Determine the environmental policy of "blue ideal, create a green world" and four commitments (to comply with national and local environmental laws and regulations; efforts to achieve environmental management system and environmental behavior of continuous improvement; implementation of the prevention-oriented thinking, Reduce the use of harmful substances; prevention and treatment, to minimize the abnormal emissions of pollutants per unit of products), the establishment of the corresponding organizational security system, the development of the corresponding procedures documents, operating instructions, the implementation of standardized management of environmental protection.
      ? Increase investment in environmental protection facilities, while supporting the corresponding environmental pollution control facilities in the production line
      ? Introduce new technologies and equipment to reduce the use and emissions of toxic and hazardous substances.
      ? Strengthen emergency rescue and prevent abnormal emissions from pollution. In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of various environmental events, Xingda prepared various contingency plans, regular training and organization of relevant personnel on-site exercise.
      ? Strengthen and standardize the management and handling of various types of hazardous waste. Xingda's production and all kinds of dangerous goods and waste are in accordance with the mandatory provisions of the management and proper treatment, never allowed from any channels out of the illegal, the environment and the community poses a potential threat.

      Environmental honor

      ? In December 2001, Jiangsu Province Environmental Protection Department, Jiangsu Province Township Enterprise Administration jointly issued the "Jiangsu Province, clean and civilized production industry"
      ? In 2005, it was awarded the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department.
      ? In 2006, it was awarded the "2006 Green Enterprise" by Taizhou Environmental Protection Bureau.
      ? In December 2007, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, the Ministry of Quality and Technical Supervision and the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Trade Commission issued the "2006-2008 annual Jiangsu Province, the advanced unit of energy measurement work"
      ? In 2008, it was awarded the "Green Enterprise" by the Environmental Protection Bureau of Taizhou City, which was awarded the honorary title of "2007 Advanced Enterprise for Pollutant Emission Reduction" issued by Xinghua Municipal Government
      ? In 2009, it was awarded the "Green Enterprise" issued by Xinghua Hing Government in 2008, the "Green Enterprise of Taizhou City in 2009" issued by Taizhou Environmental Protection Bureau.

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