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      sustainable development

      Xingda has always adhered to the concept of sustainable development, in a more reasonable way to organize and manage enterprise resources, weigh the present and future, business and society, shareholders and employees, and strive to achieve economic, social and environmental development, To sacrifice the interests of any party, to get their own development. At the same time in line with the global trend of sustainable development, and constantly develop a more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, more secure, and promote social welfare of new technologies, new products, new business to meet the needs of social and harmonious development.
      The Company has carried out the whole process of project declaration, environmental assessment, program design, construction and trial production in strict accordance with the requirements of the Company. The Company has carried out the whole process of environmental protection, such as environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection, Continue to upgrade the environmental protection facilities, increase the company waste disposal funds, and strive to promote green production, to achieve the company's environmental benefits, social and economic benefits of sustainable development.

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